Cinergi Interactive is a California corporation, registered in 2003 (originally founded in 2000 as Games Unlimited) by Andrew G. Vajna and Alex S. Rabb to produce state-of-the-art entertainment for avid game players of all levels in the highly competitive video game market.

Andrew G. Vajna, one of Hollywood 's most experienced film producers, is an expert in the financing, development, marketing and selling of motion pictures. Twenty five years ago, he founded Carolco with Mario Kassar and they made their production debut with First Blood, starring Sylvester Stallone, the first part in the phenomenally successful Rambo trilogy. His long list of credits with Carolco include Red Heat and Total Recall starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, Alan Parker's Angel Heart and the critically acclaimed Jacob's Ladder, among others.

In 1989, Mr. Vajna sold his interest in Carolco and founded Cinergi Productions, which later formed a strategic alliance with The Walt Disney Company. Cinergi's first production was Medicine Man, starring Sean Connery and directed by John McTiernan. The following years saw more highly-anticipated films, including Die Hard with a Vengeance starring Bruce Willis; Nixon, starring Anthony Hopkins, which received four Academy Award nominations; and Evita, starring Madonna and Antonio Banderas and directed by Alan Parker, which was awarded the Golden Globe for Best Picture in 1996.

In 1998, Mr. Vajna formed C-2 Pictures with Mario Kassar. C-2 owns a significant slate of projects in development, including the rights to Terminator and Basic Instinct franchises. Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines was released in summer 2003, and generated $430 million dollars at the worldwide box office. The same year, the T3: Rise of the Machines DVD /VHS was released and has sold more than 10 million units to date. 
C-2 has just completed principal photography of Basic Instincts 2: Risk Addiction, starring Sharon Stone and is gearing up with pre-production of "Terminator 4".

Mr. Vajna also controls and manages InterCom, a Central and Eastern European media company, which is principally engaged in the exhibition and distribution of motion pictures, as well as Las Vegas Casino, a licensed Hungarian gaming company that operates gaming casinos in Budapest , Hungary .

Executive vice president Alex S. Rabb, an experienced computer industry veteran, earned a degree in Computer Science and went on to create and develop several successful businesses. In addition, he has also held numerous positions as a programmer and mathematician. He worked on several Hollywood mega-budget movies as a digital special effects expert, including films such as Titanic, the Oscar winning blockbuster, as well as Final Fantasy, the first hyper-realistic computer generated movie.

Cinergi Interactive is highly competitive in the US gaming market for several reasons. One of the company’s advantages is being partly located in Budapest ; the Hungarian capital provides plenty of expert programmers, graphics artists and designers to form an excellent and flexible development team. These professionals are highly skilled in the development of new technologies for the gaming industry. With the help of these world class development teams, Cinergi Interactive is creating new tools and technology for high quality products faster and more efficiently.

Since its inception, Cinergi Interactive has acquired the following four development teams in Hungary:

Black Hole
was founded with the vision to make superior quality real-time strategy games. After four years of development, the Black Hole team has created the highly acclaimed 3D real-time strategy game Armies of Exigo, which was published by Electronic Arts at the end of 2004. Its unique feature new to RTS games is the dual-layered
game play which brought a whole new experience to players.
Black Hole has recently been chosen by Namco Hometek Inc. to create Warhammer: Mark of Chaos, a fantasy RTS game for the PC, set in the well known Warhammer universe. It has been scheduled for release in 2006.

The staff of around 50 people was previously involved in the development of video games for the following platforms: PC, Playstation, Playstation 2, X-Box, GameCube, Game Boy Advance, Sega Dreamcast, Sega Genesis and Sega Saturn.

Prior to developing Armies of Exigo, several of the team members were contributors to the production of such titles as Ecco the Dolphin series, Hitman: Contracts, Wacky Races, South Park , Tiny Tank, Jurassic Park , Three Dirty Dwarves, Deep Space Nine and Dune.

DIGIC Pictures is a high-end animation studio specializing in full 3D animation and visual effects for feature films. Digic created five high quality full 3D animated movies for Armies of Exigo. One of the movies was selected to be shown at the "Electronic Theater" of Siggraph 2003, the largest event of its kind in the United States showcasing the brightest and most innovative 3D animation and advancements in the world of computer graphics. This movie has also been selected as one of the "Siggraph 2003 Highlights."

In addition to working on the Armies of Exigo movies, the team of over 20 talented specialists at DIGIC Pictures created 60 visual effect shots for the theatrical blockbuster Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines.
The team was recently chosen by Namco to craft the rendered cinematics for the Warhammer: Mark of Chaos PC RTS game, which is being released in 2006.

Artex Entertainment was established to wave the trends of the mobile and handheld entertainment markets. The 15-person company is highly familiar with and capable of creating high quality games for a variety of platforms. Artex has successfully acquired the extensive knowledge of RenderWare, X-Forge, J2ME, DirectX, Unreal, X-Box XDK technologies as well as the most common tools of the gaming industry.

With the help of middleware, Artex has produced high quality demos and prototypes in its studio and as a result both Nokia and Tapwave are showing great interest in getting involved with the company and its projects. The Terminator 3 game for Tapwave Zodiac will soon be released and will be followed by its companion for the Nokia N-Gage platform. Additionally, Artex is currently working on a J2ME Terminator 3 game prototype for mobile phones.

Clevers Games is a group of more than 30 professionals dedicated to core game technology and computer game development. The company designed games such as Screamer 4x4 published by Virgin Interactive in 2001, Cabela's Off-road Adventure 2 for Activision Value in 2001, and Terminator 3: War of the Machines, released by Atari in 2003.

The outstanding programmers of Clevers Games have put great effort into their state-of-the-art game engine that is being applied to next-generation projects such as Paradox, an action/Sci-Fi first person shooter for PC and various consoles.